Hello, We are Burrito Films!
A creative & digital production company from
Los Angeles, CA

Our commitment

Welcome to Burrito Films, where the art of storytelling meets the dynamic world of video production. Led by Andres Garzas, a seasoned filmmaker with a wealth of experience, our studio understands that in this ever-evolving landscape for your business, there are no magical shortcuts—only an amalgamation of creativity, adaptability, and finely-tailored tools that create the remarkable visuals we're known for. We act as a versatile, proactive, and responsive ally, delivering genuine and concrete value. We solve problems. We don’t create more!

As solution architects, we deploy solutions globally. Collaboratively, we craft impactful narratives that make a tangible difference.

Our studio is a fusion of diverse cultures and experiences, steeped in the vibrant essence of Latino flavor. Each frame we craft is a celebration of our shared heritage, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of our filmmakers' backgrounds and experiences.

For a passionate, innovative, and driven partner, choose Burrito Films. We prioritize enduring partnerships, excellence, and full transparency for your best interests. Let's work together!