Carlos Felipe

Carlos Felipe is a globally recognized filmmaker whose expertise extends across Commercials, Music Videos, and Documentaries. His unique perspective draws inspiration from a blend of American culture and his rich South American heritage, resulting in a distinctive cinematic style.

Carlos's work is characterized by a profound sense of authenticity, consistently delivering narratives, scenes, and vignettes that resonate with genuine, real-life experiences. His creations share a common thread of intimacy, modernity, edginess, and kinetic energy. What sets Carlos apart is his ability to craft visuals and stories that feel organic, eschewing excessive stylization or artificial presentation.

Driven by an insatiable wanderlust, Carlos is on a perpetual quest to explore the world, craft compelling visuals, weave meaningful narratives, and forge connections with diverse individuals along the way. Beyond his filmmaking prowess, Carlos has a penchant for Grapefruits, a fondness for Oysters, a current affinity for St. George Botanivore Gin & Tonic, and a deep appreciation for the cinematic masterpiece "City of God."